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With a team of experienced engineers, designers and field service representatives combined with modern production facilities, Unibridge® offers you the complete package of bridge equipment and support services to satisfy your bridging requirements. All our bridge components are manufactured in accordance with the relevant Euro Norm standards and we are able to meet your requirements extremely quickly.

Designed purposely to be compliant with international loads such as Eurocode and Australian Standards, the Unibridge® pre-designed and prefabricated modular bridge system provides a permanent bridging solution which is rapid to build and easy to transport on conventional vehicles and in standard shipping containers. The Unibridge® is an extremely versatile system that is modular in both length and width. This gives you flexibility to build bridges as either single lane or multiple lane roadwidth without any reduction in the load carrying capacity or the bridge length.

We are a multi-lingual company with knowledge and experience of delivering and building bridges in difficult locations throughout the world. Unibridge® has the required expertise to complete projects even in the most demanding of environments – we welcome your enquiry.


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