Marine Access Bridges

Marine Access Bridges

Unibridge® Marine Solutions been developed in response to the specific requirements of island groups and territories, where the movements of cars, buses, trucks and merchandise are almost exclusively by boat. It was designed to provide a fast, competitive means of equipping river or seaside sites with facilities for RORO vessels. The innovative design and fast construction time combined with the durability and robustness of the Unibridge® Marine system suits most countries' needs.

1. Dimensions are standardised to give identical mooring procedures for every site, thereby optimising safety and security while improving the efficiency of operations.

2. This is one of the key components of the system as it provides the access between RORO vessels and the wharf. The mobile ramp carries the vehicle loads and can be raised and lowered rapidly using a simple and robust mechanical system. Its working angle to the horizontal can be up to ± 10 degrees. Piling operations are relatively straightforward. They take into account the geotechnical characteristics of the site and the piling equipment available in the region. Unibridge® engineers are available to help with piling calculations.

3. The jetty is the other key component of Unibridge® Marine solutions. The modular design allows the jetty to be adapted to individual sites, with spans of up to 45 m between rows of piles.

4. The terminal building, if necessary, can be a standard precast concrete panel building, equipped with solar panels and storage batteries to provide electricity for lighting and administrative support. The enclosed parking area can be constructed using precast panels for simplicity and ease of construction.

Installation Time
Installation should be able to be completed in 6 to 8 weeks maximum, providing the geotechnical studies, testing, piling and general site preparation have all been completed in advance.


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