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The Unibridge pre-engineered steel bridge system allows the rapid construction of bridges for a wide variety of uses using a number of modular standardised elements. It is, arguably, the only modular steel bridge that can cover spans of up to 30m or more and still meet AS 1600 standards. The Unibridge system can be used for shared pathway pedestrian bridges, single lane road bridges, double or triple lane road bridges, flyovers and overpasses, military, mining, marine and railway applications.

All these applications use the same modular beam elements joined by steel pins and drilling and welding are not required during installation.

There are three different installation options for Unibridge:

  1. Quick - a composite option with a concrete deck cast in situ.
  2. Quicker - a composite option with a concrete deck made from precast slabs.
  3. Quickest - the all steel option which enables rapid installation on existing or pre-built abutments.

The composite options are more suitable for permanent applications as the reinforced concrete deck is an inherent part of the structure. They also offer added flexibility for the width of the bridge, the deck profile and the choice of lateral barriers to meet various local regulations.

The building and installation of the 34.2 m double lane bridge in Haiti took only two months under less than ideal conditions. The work included deep piling for foundations, building of the abutments, installation of the girders and steel reinforcement for the concrete slab, casting of the concrete deck, roadway surfacing etc. Precast slabs could not be used in Haiti for local reasons. The bridge survived the recent tragic earthquake in January 2010, still in perfect condition.

The all steel option of Unibridge is supplied with standard regular performance level barriers. The barriers are designed so that the barrier post will fail before any other element, which minimises the possibility of damage to the main structural members and protects the integrity of the structure.

The installation of a Unibridge structure on previously prepared supports is relatively simple and rapid. For example, the bridge in photo 6 has been installed and operational within 12 hours of unloading the modular components from the transporters. In this case, we have a single lane bridge on a site with relatively easy access. However, installation times of 1 or 2 days have been achieved many times on widely varying sites and circumstances. The equipment necessary for installation includes telescopic mobile cranes and other standard lifting equipment generally available. It is also possible to install it by launching using a specially designed launching nose.

Unlike ordinary concrete or timber bridges, the Unibridge all steel option is never obsolete and always an asset to the owner. It can be moved to another location, even after a long permanent application or sold to a new owner.

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