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Unibridge Solutions – A variety of applications

The Unibridge system is a new and innovative pre-engineered steel bridge concept which eliminates individual design time and cost. It allows the rapid construction of bridges for a wide variety of uses using modular standardised elements. Unibridge is, arguably, the only modular steel bridge that can cover spans of up to 30m or more and still meet AS 1600 standards.

For example, the Unibridge system can be used for the following applications;

  • Shared pathway pedestrian bridges for pedestrians and bicycles using one single box girder.
  • Single lane road bridges with individual spans up to 50.8 m using two box girders and a load capacity to meet most civil requirements.
  • Double lane or triple lane road bridges with individual spans up to 44.8 m using three box girders and a load capacity to meet most civil requirements. » Flyover/overpass applications.
  • Military applications (military load MC80 or equivalent up to 72 tonnes eg Abrams tanks).
  • Mining applications up to 200 tonnes capacity.
  • Railway applications with spans up to 22 m with one single track and one or two pedestrian walkways.
  • Marine applications using modules which form the key components of the access pier connecting the lifting bridge/ramp to the terminal building of a modular RO-RO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) maritime port.

All these applications use the same modular beam elements joined by steel pins and beams include all necessary provisions for the attachment of barriers and diaphragms. No drilling or welding is required during installation.

The combination of 1.0 m high, 11.4 m and 6.0 m long beam elements allow for bridges with spans of 17.4 m, 22.8 m, 34.2 m, 40.2 m and even 45.6 m (with some restrictions). Larger spans can be constructed with girders 1.25 m high, or even a combination of several 34.2 m spans, such as the Al-Nahrawan Bridge near Baghdad in Iraq.

All elements can be transported in 40 ft closed or open top maritime containers or on standard semi-trailers without any unusual or over dimension requirements.

For permanent or temporary situations, the Unibridge concept is particularly well adapted to the specific needs of remote communities, either for the replacement of aging bridges which no longer meet contemporary safety criteria or modern traffic loadings, or for the creation of new roads. The Unibridge system provides modern, durable and robust bridges, meeting the AS 1600 technical standards.

Local government authorities or municipalities can install Unibridge systems quickly and with minimal external assistance. Due to the short installation times, there is little disruption to the local community.

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