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Unibridge Expands Further into Central America

The Central American governments, already impressed by the durability, functionality, and practicality of the Unibridge system are set to increase the number of Unibridges within their borders. In areas where other permanent structures have fallen prey to vandalism, rust and traffic accidents, the Unibridge design ensures that the structure installed will remain intact even after heavy impacts on the barriers which will never affect the integrity of the structure. Unibridge is quick and easy to assemble with a small team and medium capacity lifting equipment generally available. The Unibridge can also be launched using a specially designed launching nose.

The Unibridge is always an asset to its owner as it can be moved as required or sold to a new owner. If the owner decides to move their Unibridge to a new location it can be dissembled just as fast even after a long permanent application. If a sale is the solution then all elements can be transported in 40 ft closed or open top maritime containers or on standard semi-trailers without any unusual or over dimension requirements.

The Unibridge solution offers many benefits that have convinced governments, councils, shires and private owners to turn to the Unibridge modular steel bridges for modern solutions. Unibridge manufacturing procedures are reliable and strictly documented because the same strict standards of manufacturing applied in Europe to large steel structures are also applied to the Unibridge. Unibridge designs have been calculated for a life span of 100 years and 2 million cycles, according to European standards. Unibridge is the answer to the modern bridging requirements, regardless of a countries border.

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